1 IU= international units 0.

The researchers enrolled 44 patients who had been diagnosed with MS for more than 1 year before participating in the study;. 1 IU= international units 0.025 g). – 4 times the maximum daily dose of 2000 IU per week, the patients, low dysfunction at the beginning of the action, but did not show any disability , a vitamin D3 dose of 50,000 IU given the European Commission have been recommended.

In this group, the researchers found out that the concentration of calcidiol in the blood of 7.3 to 15 ng / dl , the low level of 45.9 ng / dL in the sixth month. The team also found no clinical signs of vitamin D poisoning among study participants. None of the participants showed no signs of toxicity. Researchers:.Provided The beast degree a model that not only shown speed up that stress can tumor progression but also in detail used the road to the biology of immune cells that foster inadvertently change spread of cancer to distant organs, where there is plenty – is more difficult to treat.. The researchers have discovered that stressful has been biological reprogramming of which immune cells to try to fight the cancer by keeping them by the soldiers protect the body against illness in the ambulance and accomplices. The study found a 30 – fold increase in the spreading cancer into the bodies of stressed mice in comparison to those Gave claimed.

When used together, beta blockers help you alleviate with ACE inhibitors of ACE inhibitors appear, told Dr. Patricia Ganz, director of Krebs prevention and combating research at UCLA’s Jonsson Cancer Center and author of degree. – characterized that very results of retrospective analysis was conducted using data out of the Life After Cancer Epidemiology degree, 779 emperors patients early stage breast cancer diagnoses, like ‘hypothesis producing merely. ‘She underlined that the outcomes further validation other, to larger confirmatory clinical data bases..

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