8 percent) of the beds were used for intensive care and 1607 care on the census day.

– 2.8 percent) of the beds were used for intensive care and 1607 care on the census day.The complete tables can be found here.Department of Health,Facts About Infectious Diseases – including bacteria, fungi and animal parasites – infectious diseases are caused by microscopic organisms that penetrate the body’s natural barriers and multiply to symptoms that can range from mild to fatal.

MODES OF INFECTIONCommon ways in which pathogens enter the body through skin contact, inhalation of airborne microbes, ingestion of contaminated food or water, bites from vectors such as ticks or mosquitoes, which carry and transmit organisms, sexual contact and the transmission from mothers to their unborn children through the birth canal and placenta.The Commission and the HIV-positive people of Asia could be of five years not further funding, better government response Double, says Commission.

Furthermore, though UNAIDS estimates that people with HIV people living with a HIV / AIDS with entrance to antiretroviral triple three-fold increase since 2003, efforts of the that must the medicines current are access to it. According to UNAIDS, Thailand has provides of the only country in of the region antiretroviral antiretroviral accessing of at least 50 percent of people medicines available. Regional HIV control Finance be needed annual at 10 percent of $ 5 billion, said the commission. Comes after Chakravarthy Rangarajan, President of the Economic Advisory Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh Council, more than 80 percent of current funding for HIV / AIDS in the region from foreign aid agencies, and his said the region have on the generation of domestic Finance concentrate.

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