A new study shows.

Clinical breast examination offers modest benefit to breast cancer screening program Adding scientific breast examination to a mammography screening program provides only a modest benefit in detecting cancer, a new study shows. The study of 61,688 ladies 40 years and older who participated in a breasts cancer screening system at Group Health Cooperative in Seattle, WA, found that mammography plus medical breast examination detected 470 of the cancers; mammography detected 445 of the breasts cancers and clinical breast examination detected 121 of the cancers fda website .

today announced that outcomes from the National Institutes of Health -sponsored, Diabetic Retinopathy Clinical Research Network comparative effectiveness study in individuals with Diabetic Macular Edema were published in the brand new England Journal of Medicine and a corresponding slide set was posted online at DRCR.net. These variations were driven by sufferers with moderate or worse vision loss in the beginning of the trial ; in these sufferers, EYLEA demonstrated a statistically significant 7-letter improvement over bevacizumab and a 5-letter improvement over ranibizumab . ‘In this independent, government-sponsored diabetic macular edema study, EYLEA provided significantly better efficacy, despite one fewer injection and fewer laser treatments than comparators,’ said George D.

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