A tool that tags proteins and chemicals in a document.

– For researchers in the life sciences, as in other areas, a major challenge will sift through an extraordinary amount of information, said Dr. Se n O ‘Donoghue, Research Fellow at EMBL? Our goal in developing this application was to data in a clear and precise understanding of researchers the ability to quickly, to provide links between molecular biological entities within an article. Today’s web-based tools help researchers to a better understanding of the existing scientific evidence by integrating two such tools. Reflect and Stitch – with scientific literature, we want to make sure both the tools and the literature more useful for researchers, Lars Juhl Jensen, Professor and Group Leader at CPR says..

EMBL and CPR won first prize in the 2009 Elsevier Grand Challenge for Reflect, the application that powers the Reflect – Network Application.How easy is of BSE infected animals sent to man be unknown Date truly disease. Many experts argue that there is no risks , while others it too soon to say because we are do not know what the incubation time for CJD is say.

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