According to scientists in a National Institutes of Wellness research network.

Earlier studies have found that children with HIV are susceptible to middle ear infections. Repeated middle ear attacks could cause hearing loss. Nevertheless, in 60 % of cases in the study, hearing loss was the result of problems with the transmitting of audio from the nerves of the ear to the mind, rather than to harm in the middle ear caused by ear infections. Although ear infections are more common among children with HIV, these do not appear to be the reason their hearing is much more likely to be compromised, said Torre..Pancreatic cancer patients receive a available widely, inexpensive blood test at diagnosis that will help predict whether they are likely to have a better or worse final result than average and guideline treatment appropriately, a Mayo Clinic research shows. People who test positive for elevated degrees of a specific tumor marker have a tendency to do even worse than others, but if they’re candidates for medical procedures and also have chemotherapy before their functions, this individualized treatment sequence eliminates the elevated biomarker's negative effect, researchers found.

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