All Olympic athletes are very aware of how important it is to have good spinal health länk.

All Olympic athletes are very aware of how important it is to have good spinal health länk . Many factors go into the optimal spine health – exercise, fitness, form and nutrition. Of gravity injuries are debilitating and restrictive. The ability to move freely is taken that most people most of the people. Back injuries take away freedom of movement. And sometimes to sit the freedom to lie. Without pain. – Neither Olympians nor weekend warriors are immune to back problems during those injuries in both professional and amateur athletes alike, they can often be prevented with proper conditioning Jo Hannafin, a member of the U.S. Olympic Committee medical staff and orthopedic. Surgeon at the Hospital for Special Surgery and a former athlete rower.

The Bonati Spine Institute has helped thousands of people get back and neck pain a thing of the past many of our patients are professional athletes, because they think that only the Bonati Spine Procedures offer a 93 percent success rate Know With the patented methods and instrumentation methods and instrumentation, our experienced and credentialed surgeons have performed these procedures over 35,000 times, with outstanding and lasting results, said Dr. Alfred O. Bonati Spine Procedures of the creator and chief surgeon at the Bonati Spine Institute.

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Parallel with this innovative approach, GlycoVaxyn the started to phase of I clinical studies with a bioconjugate of vaccine for Shigella dysenteriae early this year expects to start a clinical trial with said first generations S. Aureus vaccine by late 2011.

Conjugate vaccine can be used to immunize the from severe bacterial infection by bonding a by bonding a sugars antigen to a protein carrier molecule. The current process has such a structure such a structure is often very complex, unreliable and expensive. GlycoVaxyn the S. Aureus vaccine comprises capsular polysaccharide Type of 5 and 8 of S. Aureus conjugated to a staphylococcus protein carrier. It will utilizing GlycoVaxyn romantic the synthesis of these the synthesis of these complexity immunogenic bioconjugate an biological processes which makes the production of in E. More efficiently and a controlled. Conjugate vaccines have substantially preventing prevent major noninvasive conditions such as bacteriemia , pneumonia, and meningitis, with the industry leader achieve fast 3 billion annual sales in 2009.

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