Americas infrastructure crumbling.

( A large number of dams are on the verge of failureDams provide energy, water, and flood protection for many areas of the country, including populated cities heavily. But nearly 6, 000 of the dams are considered to be deficient right now, with more than 1,800 of them having a high hazard potential, meaning that their failure you could end up catastrophic loss of life. Based on the latest obtainable data, there are more than 1,700 high hazard dams in desperate want of repair, up from only a few hundred back in 2001.The experts suggest that ‘sports athletes can consider fat-free of charge chocolate milk as an economic nutritional alternative to other sports nutrition beverages to support post-endurance exercise skeletal muscles repair.’1 Replenishing Muscle ‘Fuel’ – Replacing muscle energy after workout is vital to an athlete’s long term performance and muscle mass recovery. Researchers found that drinking 16 ounces of extra fat free chocolate milk using its mixture of carbohydrates and proteins led to greater concentration of glycogen in muscle tissue at 30 and 60 minutes post exercise.2 Maintaining Lean Muscle – Athletes risk muscles breakdown following exercise when your body’s demands are in their peak.

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