Anti-viral drug telaprevir improves response.

Side effects can include severe flu-like symptoms, major depression, fatigue, insomnia and anemia. Worldwide, an estimated 180 million folks have a chronic hepatitis C virus infection, and hepatitis C is definitely a leading reason behind cirrhosis and liver malignancy. It is normally also the most common condition resulting in liver transplantation in the usa.. Anti-viral drug telaprevir improves response, halves duration of hepatitis C treatment The addition of the anti-viral medication telaprevir to a standard treatment for hepatitis C can shorten the duration of therapy and raise the number of patients who can be cured of their disease, according to the results of study coordinated by investigators from the Duke Clinical Analysis Institute .Because the electrons are high-energy, a much smaller dosage is required and the picture quality is far better. The half-life of the radioactive tracer is two minutes and rays is completely out from the affected individual's program within 20 minutes. For a long time, physicians have primarily utilized SPECT scans to diagnose coronary artery disease and additional heart problems. However, usage of cardiac PET/CT imaging is growing. To verify the difference between cardiac PET/CT and SPECT scans for diagnosing heart problems, experts compared outcomes of patients at the Intermountain Medical Center Heart Institute who had been scanned using the SPECT scanner in 2012 to those scanned by the PET scanner in 2013. They screened from a pool of 1 1,000 patients from each year, and narrowed it right down to 197 SPECT patients and 200 cardiac PET/CT individuals who had both an imaging test and a heart catheter.

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