Aquaporin related to obesity Dr.

Aquaporin related to obesity Dr. Gema Fruhbeck, director of the Metabolic Study Laboratory of the University Medical center of the University of Navarra, has released a commentary in the latest issue of Nature. This article presents aquaporin as a new modulator of the biology of the adipocyte . It is a new concept concerning the way the permeability of glycerol in excess fat cells will be able to modulate how big is the adipocyte and, as a total result, can donate to the advancement of weight problems. Aquaporins are related to the transport of drinking water through cell membranes, but only has they been associated with pounds control and adiposity lately.

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This paper was published online before print publication. An abstract of the paper is obtainable through PubMed. View abstract.. Aptamer-targeted nanoparticles collect and detect cancer cells Using magnetic and fluorescent nanoparticles capable of binding to molecules discovered only on the top of malignancy cells tightly, a group of investigators in the University of Florida is rolling out a method for collecting and detecting multiple cancer cells from biological samples. This work may lead to new diagnostic assays for malignancy and new options for isolating tumor cells for further study. Reporting its function in the journal Analytical Chemistry, a extensive study team headed by Weihong Tan, Ph.D., used short, man made molecules of DNA referred to as aptamers mainly because cancer-targeting agents.

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