ART is often managed without routine laboratory monitoring acheter kamagra en france.

In Africa, ART is often managed without routine laboratory monitoring, but the effects of this approach are unclear. The authors of this study investigated whether routine toxicity and efficacy monitoring of HIV – infected patients receiving ART had an important long-term effects on clinical outcomes studied in Africa. acheter kamagra en france

This randomized trial was performed in three centers in Uganda and one conducted in Zimbabwe. Total 3321 participated in the study. They were all symptomatic, Overall,aive, HIV-infected adults with CD4 cell counts of less than 200 cells per? L starting ART. They were randomized to laboratory and clinical monitoring assigned or clinically driven monitoring . Overall, 3316 of these patients were included in the analysis . Hematology, biochemistry and CD4 cell counts were done every 12 weeks. In the LCM group, were all laboratory results are available clinician. But in the CDM group, results obtained when clinically indicated and in the case of severe toxicity to be.

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