Artimplant reports net income of SEK 9.

Artimplant reports net income of SEK 9 .7 million .The net loss totaled SEK 9.0 million . Income per stock unit amounted to SEK -0.08 . The result was suffering from one-off products amounting to -0.9 million . Artimplant’s own product sales as a proportion of total sales continued to improve and accounted for 72 percent of revenue. THE BUSINESS has revised its cashflow target and the aim now is that a positive cashflow before changes in functioning capital will be performed monthly during the first one fourth of 2012 .

Neomed Medical center is a Zero Surgery Center. Neomed Medical center is a Center run by highly qualified doctors offering unique and special treatment options, for Cardiovascular illnesses, FDA authorized treatment for Angina, patients suffering from Coronary Artery Disease and the ones who had experienced a heart attack and been advised to undergo Bypass surgery or Angioplasty.Chelation is one of the safest medical procedure relating to the intravenous in fusion of a medication called EDTA , Ozone therapy,Ozone therapy for discomfort management. Cardiovascular Cartography , this is a new way of the early detection of Coronary Artery Disease .Cartography shall requires whoes is suffering from the diseases want hypertension, diabetes, obesity.Folks from the Globe visit India for his or her medical and leisure requirements.

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