At the Duke University headquartered CEINT is collaboration between Duke

At the Duke University headquartered CEINT is collaboration between Duke, Carnegie Mellon University, Howard University and Virginia Tech as the core members as well as investigators from the University of Kentucky and Stanford University here . CEINT academic collaborations in the U.S. And the ongoing activities with faculty at Clemson, North Carolina State, exposed to air.e University coordinated. At Virginia Tech CEINT is part of the University Institute for Critical Technology and Applied Science .

Preliminary analysis confirmed that this precipitator collecting collecting nanoparticles of a take effect become effective in future studies of airborne nanoparticles, Marr said.

The LSDF Board of Trustees selected the individual recipients in 19 proposed of national experts to by national experts convened by the American Association for the Promotion of Science. In a hotly contested two-phase processes proposals have been for the academic value and the potential to health and medical treatment Washington to improve national national economic benefits.

This research was the National The Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke the National Institute of Health and a American Heart Association Postdoctoral Fellowship support.

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