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The technology has micromechanics in a series of peer-reviewed journals such as the Journal of and Micro – Engineering presented at a MEMS conference in Hong Kong and at a nano conference in Tirol, Austria in March .

Set Prof. Yael Hanein, Slava Krylov and their doctoral student Assaf Ya’akobovitz who make sensors for microelectromechanical systems significantly more sensitive and reliable than they are today. And it shrinks their work nano – size to do it.

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The research included a web-based survey from 75 employers, added by 13 in-depth interviews. The poll selective employee benefit managers, personally insured management professionals by health management and pharmacy benefit decision-making authority or impact in great, self-insured corporate.

One additionaler Test Results Presented With ncrInitial results from the MRC COIN study, of the largest study for advanced colon cancer conducted so far , is the National Cancer Research Institute Annual Conference at Birmingham on 6 In October will be presented. Results can have provide further information on the potential impact of various treatment and thus patients and doctors to help to treatment decisions. Of the by the Medical Research Council, the Cancer Research UK, the National Cancer Research Network and Merck Serono.

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