BIOTECH Development Companions provides funds to Biomagnetics Biomagnetics Diagnostics Corp.

Clayton Hardman, CEO of Biomagnetics Diagnostics Corp. Commented, We are thrilled to be dealing with the experienced people at BIOTECH Development Companions, LLC. Out of this group we can not only receive meaningful funding, but also usage of the member’s intensive contacts in the biotech and medical diagnostics gear sectors. We believe these experienced people realize the real potential of a spot of care gadget that may quickly and economically diagnose tuberculosis, cholera, HIV/Helps, malaria and other illnesses later on.Deficits, delaying a compromise until following the 2014 midterm elections perhaps, White Home officials and congressional lawmakers said . The Associated Press: A Respite For Medicare; Social Protection No Worse Medicare's long-term health is beginning to look a little better, the government said Friday, but both Social Security and Medicare are still wobbling toward insolvency within 2 decades if Congress and the president don't discover a way to shore up the trust funds established to take care of older Americans.

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