Budget chief Orszag collection to resign reportedly Peter Orszag.

Budget chief Orszag collection to resign reportedly Peter Orszag, director of the working office of Management and Spending budget, will step down from his post in July, ‘according to two knowledgeable administration officials,’ The Wall Street Journal reports. ‘Mr. Orszag helped steer through Congress a $797 billion economic-stimulus costs in his initial weeks at the White colored House work before becoming one of the traveling forces in shaping the health-care law.I believe in Constitutional, limited federal government that funds itself exclusively on excise taxes and doesn’t even have an income taxes. This philosophy of little federal government is where Rand Paul was coming from when he opposed the recent GMO labeling amendment. Although I disagree with his vote on this particular amendment, I really do honor his reasoning, which is quite sound: We must be skeptical of granting fresh powers to a corrupt, criminal government that incessantly uses those powers against the people than to safeguard the people rather. So it is got by me. There is a cause of the vote. And when it involves protecting the American folks from bad government, few folks are as liberty-minded as Sen reliably.

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