By incorporating the micro-tags straight into a tablets film covering.

The personalized micro-tags can hold quite a lot of brand-owner specific, encrypted details such as lot and batch ID amounts, logos and other text, patterns, symbols and shapes, in a particle the size of 75-110 microns, an area smaller than the diameter of a human locks. Nearly impossible to replicate or reverse engineer, the markers are compatible with various other covert or overt identification technologies and will also be incorporated as part of labels, bottles, paper and blister packaging.Chicago creates sustainable network to meet complicated public health emergencies The Ebola epidemic and resulting international public health emergency is known as a Black Swan event in medical circles due to the unpredictable and impactful nature. However, in the June 30 problem of Clinical Infectious Diseases a paper, a leading journal in the field of infectious diseases, suggests that the response of the Chicago Ebola Response Network in 2014-2015 has laid a basis and a roadmap for how a regional public health network can anticipate, manage and prevent another Black Swan public health event. By posting the expertise, risk and resources among four major Chicago educational medical centers, Chicago produced a sustainable network to respond to complicated public wellness emergencies like Ebola but also bioterrorism, natural disasters, pandemics and emerging infections, according to the paper's lead author, Dr.

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