Clinical and preclinical malaria vaccine data presented at Keystone Symposium GenVec.

Data show malaria vaccines given to malaria-naive adults were found to be secure and well-tolerated with minimal local or systemic reactions no serious vaccine-related adverse reactions. Sterile protection, a comprehensive absence of parasites in the blood, was observed in 4 out of 15 volunteers that had been inoculated with the vaccine and subsequently challenged with the malaria parasite. This scientific trial is being conducted under sponsorship from the United States Army Medical Materiel Advancement Activity and with monetary support from the U.S. Company for International Development, the Congressionally Directed Peer Review Medical System, and the Armed service Infectious Diseases Research Plan.It is sometimes called steatohepatitis. Inherited diseases: A variety of genetic diseases may damage the liver. They are diseases that interfere with the rate of metabolism of different chemicals by the liver. They consist of Wilson’s disease, cystic fibrosis, alpha-1 antitrypsin insufficiency, hemochromatosis, galactosemia, and glycogen storage space disease. Many of these diseases are not common but they can be devastating. Drugs, toxins, and attacks: Various chemicals and germs can cause damage to the liver. Certain medications , poisons, and environmental toxins can lead to cirrhosis.

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