CVS Caremark.

CVS Caremark, Dovetail Wellness partner to prevent avoidable hospital readmissions Industry research finds that 1 in five seniors are readmitted to the hospital within thirty days of discharge, representing a prevalent and costly concern for health program sponsors. ‘Dovetail Health will help CVS Caremark customers cope with the high prevalence of hospital readmissions, which are expensive and have a negative impact on members’ wellness outcomes,’ stated Troyen A. Brennan, MD, MPH, executive vice president and chief medical officer of CVS Caremark . ‘Very often these individuals are taking multiple medicines and are trying to navigate a variety of treatment guidelines supplied by their primary treatment physician and the hospital discharge team, all of which can complicate medicine adherence and safety.’ The integrated readmission avoidance offering will use risk stratification and predictive modeling to recognize patients at most significant risk for hospital readmission.

CTCA installs Calypso’s real-time tumor tracking technology at Southwestern Regional Medical Center Calypso Medical Systems, Inc., Calypso’s real-time tumor monitoring technology is now available at all CTCA centers nationwide. Any movement by the individual, including internal motion of the tumor, could cause the therapeutic radiation to miss its meant focus on and hit adjacent healthy tissue. As opposed to ionizing tumor targeting methods which cannot track a focus on in real-time, the Calypso System’s nonionizing solution provides real-period tumor position information, therefore allowing physicians to deliver radiation directly to the tumor while sparing the surrounding healthful organs from radiation exposure.

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