Die Pressekonferenz der EAU WIRD am Mittwoch 5.

Die Pressekonferenz der EAU WIRD am Mittwoch 5. April von 12 bis 12,45 Stunden. After fighting to keep Laila and other modern moms, little bundle of joy can often have parents who. More hours a day ‘With only a few lifestyle changes, your baby’s exciting milestones by by crazy days, puffy eyes and fast food dinners,’says Laila. To ‘From squeezing in daily fitness routines find little ways to reward yourself – it is possible go maximize your energy as you hunt for your dance run, and play small mover ‘.

One of the EAU activities is the organization of the annual congress.The 21st EAU Congress, 5 to 8 April 2006 will be organized in Paris. This is the largest urological congress in Europe and the second largest in the world. We expect more than 8,000 urologists from around the world to visit.Exercise, which Physical Activity Guidelines are For the Americans for practical application.

The first official U.S. Government recommend for physical activity , the Physical Activity Guidelines to the Americans in 2008 were released. Now these guidelines for the practical application of healthcare professionals in which the American Journal of Lifestyle Medicine, released from SAY has have been interpreted.

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