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William H. Gates Sr., former mind of eugenics group Planned ParenthoodBill Gates’ dad, William H. Gates Sr., is definitely associated with the eugenics group Planned Parenthood, a rebranded corporation birthed out from the American Eugenics Culture. In a 2003 interview with PBS’ Expenses Moyers, Costs Gates admitted that his dad used to become the relative mind of Planned Parenthood, that was founded on the idea that most humans are simply ‘reckless breeders’ and ‘human being weeds’ looking for culling . The Gates Base has admittedly provided at least $264.5 million in grant commitments to AGRA , which really is a large promoter of GMOs.Whether you go organic or purchase conventional, eat a number of healthy foods, including fruit and vegetables, wholegrains, and lean protein, view portion sizes, and become sure to be active every full day.. Are Organic Foods MUCH BETTER THAN Nonorganic? Are organic foods that far better for you personally than regular meals really? And may you lose fat by eating only organic food? – Mandy* Organic foods can be part of a healthy diet.

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