Have Minimally invasive techniques have revolutionized the skull base surgery.

Have Minimally invasive techniques have revolutionized the skull base surgery, Batra said, Many formerly inoperable tumors can now be achieved with a telescope by the person, the nasal passages, without the need for facial incisions are Moreover, performed the operation with minimal brain ,, thus minimizing complications and preserving normal neurologic and facial function. .. Physicians are in a position to precise preoperative plans thanks to the latest technology in high-definition MRI and computed tomography scanners to make Surgical teams can then often innovative lateral skull base using the latest using the latest image guidance and microsurgical techniques.

UT Southwestern leads many related clinical studies Recent studies on laser treatments and seek with MRI to predict response to treatment. A good alternative. Grow in peritoneal dialysisWe increased the number of PD treatment by 30 percent in the last year and we plan to grow even stronger, especially in Poland, Hungary and Argentina, where we see a significant increase in PD patients are.Diabetes mellitus is a important public healthcare in the USA and other parts of the world due to its prevalence, over 20,000 mortality and financial burden. Diabetic more serious complications serious complications, including coronary heart sickness, kidney failure, neuropathy, blindness, and amputation, and was the seventh leading cause of death in 2006, which. More than 72,000 mortality[i].

– After a six months after surgery did 28 per cent of surgical patients a diabetes diagnosis of, compared to 74 % of the patients in control groups 13th Annual International Meeting, Toronto, Canada unveiled.

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