He adds that the study is a warning.

However, he adds that the study is a warning. ‘This research also shows that we have the efforts for health care more efficiently U.S. Dollars doubling, and urgently focused on the discovery of new opportunities, baby-boom reduce disability and prevent diseases as Alzheimer’s, such as the baby-boom times.

In addition, Mikhail Grishankov, deputy chairman of the lower house of parliament, the security committee of the country called the Ministry of Education and Science, specialists in sex education training for school children (RIA Novosti[2], Russian President Vladimir Putin asked last month, officials HIV / AIDS reconnaissance increase in the country, as the government announced it would $ 175,000 allocate this year for HIV / AIDS programs. This amount is more than 30 – fold increase over the previous year allotment, and the government plans to limit the amount to about increase $ 284,000 next year (Kaiser Daily HIV / AIDS Report..Research Finds defects Comparative efficiency in Drug ResearchAnalysis of researchers at the Keck School of Medicine which University of Southern California has established that only 32 % of medications released research into the leading medical journals have, to compare the effectiveness of existing care. These studies, announced such as comparative effective research knowledge help doctors decide which therapies best and in what circumstances they work most effectively.

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