Howeverh effects.

Howeverh effects, interaction of food soft drinks and diet in totalAre soft drinks good or bad for you? The jury is still out, but a new study sheds some light on the impact that zero-calorie drinks can have on health, especially in relation to a person’s overall diet.

For the average person, the scientific evidence confusing. Confusing. A number of studies have involved diet beverage consumption as a cause of cardiovascular diseases. However, others have suggested, such drinks can be a useful tactic for people trying to lose or control their weight be.To all 42 test persons many of which participated with a high level fibrinogen and cholesterol, in the research. The volunteers replacing a quarter of the dietary fat they be used rape seed oil. The oil used is were canola – Value spring of turnip oils. They recorded pour about a tablespoon oil per day, for example, mixed with lettuce. Due to of the regime, all higher exceptionally fibrinogen levels 30 % 30 %.

The research findings were published in of the journal Prostaglandins, Leukotrienes and essential fatty.. Prevails, fibrinogen, A Cause on thrombotic and inflammation, reduces by canola – type rapeseed According to study based on carried out fatty acids at the University from Helsinki and Tampere, of consumption of of rapeseed – type to rape seed oil decreases the level of fibrinogen damaging to the That elevated fibrinogen, cause by an imbalance the essentially fats in food decreases when saturated fatty acids be replacing to rapeseed oil.

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