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Johnson.Rice and wheat, the two most widely consumed transport grain in developing countries, only a small fraction of iron in the development of grains. 5 percent for rice and 20 percent for wheat Moreover, the small amount of iron is accumulated retained almost exclusively in the outer layers during the milling during milling, so that grain can be stored for extended periods. – In the Western world we have making problem by making various connections into flour, which is rich in iron but that iron fortification of flour is only economical for the developed countries, poor countries can not afford that, so. We find sustainable way to increase iron in the milled seed. To alleviateent could also the production cost of many Australian farmers lower by reducing or eliminating the need for iron fortification of wheat flour..

###Dr. Johnson was $ awarded 85,000 from the Australian Research Council for two-year project and an additional $ 200,000 by HarvestPlus, an international non-profit organization, which is to alleviate malnutrition in the labor. Developing countries.In does not drowsily patient with obstructive sleep apnea to treatment with continuous positive airway pressure the frequency of of cardiovascular events has and blood pressure reduce, the researchers believe from Spain.

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