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Dong Wang and colleagues at the University of Nebraska Medical Center and the Hospital for Special Surgery in New York explain that wear in a joint replacement may be tiny pieces of debris that cause local inflammation create and lead to bone loss. If this happens, solve the implant and the stage for failure. Treatment usually comes too late, they realize that it is difficult the problem the problem at an early stage. ‘When pain or clear radiographic evidence is reported, unfortunately, considerable bone loss has already occurred, that can not be easily restored, ‘noted the researchers..

Early Warning Signs Of Joint Replacement Failure With New TestA new test shows promise for detecting the early stages of a major cause of failure in joint replacement implants, so that patients can be treated and perhaps avoid additional surgery. Performed more than 1.5 million total joint replacement operations are worldwide each year. While the success rate is at 90 %, almost 10 % of the implants and did not require further surgery, report ACS ACS journal Molecular Pharmaceutics.EPI-RET Ltd., a spin-off the project consortium intends to amend the vision prosthesis in three years, once a new clinical study selected patients was finished in the final product market.

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