Immune cells developing to recognize foreign material antigens /vurderinger.html.

Normally, immune cells developing to recognize foreign material – antigens, including bacteria – so that they activate a response against them /vurderinger.html . – Immune cells that respond to ‘self ‘and therefore would attack the body’s own cells are usually destroyed during development. If last one, they are in check by special regulatory cells instead instead a sort of autoimmune checkpoint. A major player in these regulatory cells is a molecule called Foxp3. People have missing or absence of mutated versions Foxp3 dysfunctional dysfunctional immunoregulation dramatic dramatic autoimmune disease. Medical Research Council Laboratory of Molecular Biology in Cambridge, its function in funded by the Arthritis Research Campaign, a drug developed genetically inducible form of Foxp3. With this information, scientists can ‘ switch ‘ developing immune cells into regulatory cells that then are capable of suppressing immune responses. Alexander Betz, Group Leader at the MRC Laboratory, said: ‘We have a modified form of Foxp3 which can be introduced into immune cells using genetic engineering techniques and then activated by a simple injection is generated when administered to and activated in animal models of arthritis, inhibiting the modified cells. The disease process the disease process. ‘.

Andersen KG, Butcher T, Betz AG Specific immunosuppression with inducible Foxp3-transduced polyclonal T cells PLoS Biol 6 :. E276 doi: 10.1371/journal.0060276 click here.PLoS Biologyto the article view online PLoS Biology is an open-access, peer-reviewed general biology journal of the Public Library of Science published, a nonprofit organization of scientists and physicians committed to the world of scientific and medical literature a public resource New items are published online weekly, monthly issues.

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