In order to be used by optometrists and ophthalmologists.

For more precise measurements , or use this information to produce better lenses, said Keith Thompson, a surgeon and an ophthalmologist who is also the CEO of Digital Vision LLC, the company is developing the Vision Optimizer. Today’s patients need sharp vision to use their smart phones, for hours at their computers and enjoy sports on the weekends. .. In order to be used by optometrists and ophthalmologists, the instrument – known as the Vision Optimizer – to deliver more accurate measurements of vision, together with a patient – friendly and engaging vision test. The Company believes that its system is the custom manufacturing of glasses and contacts, to facilitate better vision and improved comfort compared to traditional recipes.

We believe we have all the basic problems that had to be addressed resolved, said David Roberts, a GTRI senior research scientist leading the research and development project. The challenges are now in engineering. Controlling all tolerances and keep everything in alignment .Animal research new info about how animals and humans can be stored and accessed short-term memory, researchers at from Wake Forest University Baptist Medical Center to say has revealed. ‘is the first time we have found that two distinct regions the brain share the function of storing and recollection upcoming events for short-term memory,’said Sam Deadline Wyler, the lead researcher. ‘These new results expand our understanding of how memory works. ‘.

With rat studies, to the the hippocampus do not starting from scratch. Due to these strategy , in some cases it would expect the exams switch links then the right and firing cells in order recall the alternative lever even before which process began. If the hippocampus based on previous experience and does not use any have current events, which rat genome you can the object of wrong because anticipatory Burn facto control be the conduct of the animal, said Hampson.

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