In the longer term.

‘in the longer term, bacterial sprays can come to be part of the treatment for glue ear,’she says, ‘They could be used to the body. Then perhaps heal itself and so perhaps enable some children Approximately 10,000 surgery. ‘.

Glue earglue ear, or secretory otitis media can, after an acute middle ear infection or a cold appear, it is more common in children and long-term problems with fluid in the middle ear, deafness deafness. And in rare cases to spell permanent damage to the eardrum. Children are examined usually by an audiologist, and the condition usually resolves itself. If the liquid is not disappear spontaneously performed an operation a plastic tube a plastic tube through the eardrum. Around 10,000 children in Sweden undergo this procedure each year.At an average of over six infants per wife Recognition and use of contraceptives is low in many Afghans. Having approximately 10 percent of women with any form birth control, according to estimates by UNICEF The country has a in maternal mortality of 1,800 maternal deaths per 100,000 live births so that it after after Sierra Leone, after UNICEF. Which U.S. Maternal deaths was 11 maternal mortality per 100,000 live births.. Birth control be used in three rural areas Afghanistan raised over a eight months of for health of workers, explained the of contraception in individual consultation, for a report reported on Monday in the Journal of Bulletin World Health Organisation, the Reg. / Yahoo! News.

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