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We are thrilled to MacKenzie and Bosse and the incredible team of investigators they have assembled are partnering Said Dr. Joseph Wenke of the USAISR. Together, we will develop the infrastructure needed urgently in order to tackle some of the pressing issues in orthopedic trauma care. Multi-center multi-center effort such as this, many of these problems be resolved be solved .The study is performed at three clinical sites in France and joined 15 naive patients treated genotype 1 HCV genotype 1 HCV. It is expected three times per week subcutaneous injection of TG4040. Dosage is escalating of 106pfu , to 107 of pfu of , and 108 pfu of . Patient treatment to also received a boost injection by TG4040 at 6 months.. Over the TG4040 phase I clinical trial programsThe current study is an open labels, multicenter, dosage – escalation trial, that safety and biological activity out of TG4040 in treatment-naive patients who have with chronic HCV infection .

For a detailed analysis of these results has today during an oral session of EASL Annual Meeting in Copenhagen. Of the TG4040 Phase I dates have following:.

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