It is not known whether any of these cases are actually caused by Toxoplasma.

It is not known whether any of these cases are actually caused by Toxoplasma, but Saeij says some studies have shown a higher incidence of Toxoplasma in patients with Crohn’s disease compared with the general population.

The parasite can cause encephalitis in patients with a suppressed immune system , and is also harmful to fetuses whose mothers become infected during pregnancy. Some strains, especially those found in South America, can lead to blindness. There are about a dozen major types of Toxoplasma strains in North America and Europe, the most common is the type II strain, which is also the most frequently isolated from patients with complications of Toxoplasma -. In earlier work showed Saeij and colleagues found that type II. GRA15 a form of protein that causes inflammation, an immune response that meant invaders invaders but can also damage the host’s own if unchecked if unchecked, produces caused..Wessalowski explained. ‘By multimodality therapy with regional hyperthermia, tumor control rate and the long-term survival is improves with children with high-risk tumor with gloomy forecasts will be multi-channel heat applicators and non-invasive MR temperature monitoring of childhood cancers , an accurate target volumes with substantial considerable protection of the standard tissues. ‘.. This treatment includes cisplatin-based chemotherapy by deep hyperthermia using the BSD-2000-3D/MR Hyperthermia System combines. To cancer types treated and largely non – cephalad nucleus and rhabdomyosarcomas. Non-invasive of the ability to non-invasively BSD-2000-3D/MR is measure the temperature curve during delivery of hyperthermia. The reporting stakeholders six hundred twenty-eight treatment supplied 115 children .

The data from clinical studies are be presented from R Rudiger Wessalowski, an Associate Professor at Clinic Pediatric Hematology and Oncology, Henry Heine University, Dusseldorf, Germany, on the annual Society for Thermal Medicine meet? in Clearwater, Florida, 23 April to the 26th April 2010.

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