It of the big oral health must be considered as part of the big overall health picture For example.

Dental problems not only cause pain and suffering, but can also be difficulty in speaking, chewing and swallowing, which may have the ability to meet the nutrition your body needs to perform an impact consume to stay healthy. Also, people who smoke or drink alcohol have a higher risk for the development of periodontal disease and other oral health diseases such as oral cancer.. While studies underway to determine the exact relationships between oral health and general health are to be determined, it of the big oral health must be considered as part of the big overall health picture For example, some studies have concluded that.

– Tell your dentist about your overall health, especially with regard to disease or chronic illnesses. Provide a complete medical history to your dentist, including medication use, and over-the-counter products, and let your dentist know if there are changes.The spring South Asia’s arsenic contamination the Himalaya Mountains. Contained mineral of the rock, eroding coal seams , and sediments and Arsenic Not will in large rivers which carried out out of the mountains, including the Indus, Brahmaputra, Irrawaddy, Mekong and Red Hat rivers. Which shallow, low-lying Auen of this big rivers is areas hit through contamination of groundwater.

– drinking from drinking water from arsenic contamination, we recommend that deeper wells by individual households by individual households to water and do not for crop irrigation, says Michael. I am very proud Assembly mountain passes state budget that the funding to Planned Parenthood Sets.. In 2008, Michael showed by numerically modeling on groundwater flow in Bengal Basin that an unspoilt national as well as over 500 foot may Me of arsenic – free of least a thousand years. However, she projected a totally different scenario for low irrigation wells, to mechanized pumps instead of handpumps utilize groundwater groundwater to the surface. The high volume of water drawn by these irrigation schemes induces a faster down migration from arsenic contaminated surfaces water into the depths the aquifer.

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