Jochen Zwerina

Vascular Cell Adhesion Molecule 1 as a predictor of severe osteoarthritis of the hip and knee joints, Georg Schett, Stefan Kiechl, Enzo Bonora, Jochen Zwerina, Agnes Mayr, Roland Axmann, Siegfried Weger, Friedrich Oberhollenzers Rolando Lorenzini, Johann Willeit, arthritis & Rheumatism .

The results showed that VCAM – 1 levels were 60 persons 60 people, joint replacement, underwent seen underwent to the highest baseline in those bilateral joint replacement increased. The level of VCAM-1 emerged as a significant predictor of the risk of joint replacement due to severe OA, equal or exceed the effects of age, the authors write. They also note that the inclusion of VCAM-1 levels in risk prediction models resulted in a more accurate classification of individuals.


Add Congress 2008 prolonged the PQRI under the Medicare improve on Patients and service providers Act and Authorised incentive payments through 2010. While the 2008 PQRI programs received positive change from facilitate the reporting of Value offers, the two thousand and nine PQRI Programme enhancements will it even easier to contribute to physicians and other health professionals.

Eligible professionals from all U.S. States and territory involved in to PQRI 2008 Health and. Reporting period, with the participating eligible for professionals Florida and Illinois has received the highest incentive payments for fiscal year 2008 PQRI In Florida, Ineligible professional to receive total of over $ 7,000, and in Illinois, they receiving more than $ 6 million.

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