Khursheed Anwer.

Dr. Khursheed Anwer, principal investigator and vice president for research and development, added: The product uses proprietary TheraPlas delivery technology and using interleukin-12 gene, one biocompatible delivery polymer formulated together. IL-12 is a potent cytokine that works cancer by strengthening the body’s immune system against cancer and inhibits blood supply. . Expression Genetics.

The study analyzed Kathleen Ziol – Guest, the Public Health Research Fellow at Harvard School of Public Health and colleagues analyzed data from the National Survey of the Urban Institute of America’s families met, the interviews of families in 1997 and 2002 contained. The study analyzed data from more than 62,000 children. Single – father households, 6 percent of families with children, according to the Times.This The campaign aims the strong increase in raise awareness of the sharp increase in anaphylaxis with children, had an allergic reaction , which has severe and potentially life threatening. It aims to informing the public order to recognize the symptoms and their triggers and methods of how to teach , for example on, for example on by the using a adrenaline pencil. – ‘The first element of of this campaign, introducing the with minimum international standards the allergic kid at school document presents the minimum requirements for safety of allergic children at the school being one-third of life-threatening allergic reactions can occur school where.

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