Knopman and colleagues conducted this retrospective study.

Dr. Knopman and colleagues conducted this retrospective study, analyzing the medical records of people who, by a medical provider in Olmsted County, home of the Mayo Clinic For each patient, with the onset of dementia from 1990 to 1994 saw. They identified 560 patients and, for comparison, a group of similar age and sex of those identified where no dementia. For each patient, the weight for the year of dementia diagnosis and then for 20 to 30 years ago has been identified. The weights of the patients in whom not dementia during the same period for the same period. ‘In those women who did not live with dementia, 30 years before the year of their peers ‘ onset of dementia develop, their average weight was 140 pounds,’says Dr. Knopman. ‘In the year of their peers ‘ dementia onset, she weighed 142 pounds.

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