Krishnan and UCI neurologist Dr.

Krishnan and UCI neurologist Dr. Mark Fisher, currently the prevalence of left atrial pouch in patients who have already had strokes. ‘This finding points to a potentially important cause of stroke,’said Fisher. ‘The presence of this pouch could change how neurologists treat these patients and lead to new therapeutic strategies for the prevention of stroke.

Subsequent ultrasound and CT scans of patients heart confirmed the finding. Researchers estimate that the anatomical feature, which Krishnan compared to a kangaroo pouch 30 to 35 30 to 35 % of the people. Results of the study appear in the January issue of the Journal of the American College of Cardiology: Cardiovascular Interventions. The left atrium The Cul-de – sac nature of the heart pouch can promote stagnation of the blood clots clots that travel to the brain and can cause a stroke, Krishnan said.First, Send propose that this new influenza A virus is relatively mild. The lethality rate circumstances which are divided the total number of deaths from the disease by the total number cases around 0.5 %. This is comparable with the upper area that to be seen for seasonal influenza, and it show relatively small hospital admission.

Medications have been developed, help patients manage many of the symptoms, but they do not stop progression of the disease.. Parkinson’s disease is a chronic, progressive history of central nervous system and is results from the loss of cells within a range of the brain, the substantia nigra. These cells produce dopamine, a a chemical messenger responsible for transmitting of signals within the brain. Loss of of dopamine causing critical nerve cells the brain or neurones fire at of control so that patient unable steer and check their movement of in a normal fashion.

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