Med Hypotheses 2010 zithromax azithromycine.

The disease? the disease? Med Hypotheses 2010; 74:102-6 zithromax azithromycine . Eyles DW. Vitamin D and autism, skin color has change risk? Acta Paediatr 2010 Mar 8th Cannell JJ. On the etiology of autism. Acta paediatrica. ISSN 0803 5253, May 2010.

If the gestational and early childhood vitamin D deficiency theory of autism is true that tragedy is all the more poignant in that physicians could with with adequate daily doses of vitamin D during pregnancy and early childhood. Equally important is implies, vitamin D’s mechanism of effect of the treatment in autistic children.

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These findings contribute important lessons in order the health of the population and new R leads. Despite allowed for the study can not identify which specific factors Been linked to asthma and neurodermatitis in charge of to reduce the risk of cancer, it offers Last angle of for research on molecular and immunological mechanisms that immunostimulation are involved, potentially promising strategy to cancer prevention. Mary – The epidemiologic study was conducted by Mariam El-Zein, lisa Parent, Yves St – Pierre and Marie – Claude Rousseau of the INRS implemented; Khady C? from McGill University, and Jack Siemiatycki of the Research Center the Centre hospitalier de l’ universities? en Montr? al and universities? de Montr? It has with funds from Health Canada, the Institut de recherche Robert – Sauvignon? guest sant? au travail you are Qu? said the Fonds de la recherche en sant? the Medical Research Council of Canada, Canadian Cancer Society and the Canadian Institutes of Health Research.

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