Or SSRI drugs.

Related StoriesNCOA and award-winning celebrity Judith Light support nationwide educational initiative, Flu + YouACA launches national work to get rid of anti-competitive provision of Medicare lawHonored Citizens Choice Health Plan to become renamed as Alignment Health PlanDuring the initial month of therapy, SSRI antidepressants had been associated with a five occasions higher risk of completed suicide than other antidepressants. That risk was independent of a recent diagnosis of melancholy or the receipt of psychiatric treatment, and suicides of a violent nature were more common during SSRI therapy distinctly.Animal testing has already been underway, and Ryazanov hopes that his brand-new findings will speed the day when medications that pass those tests can be attempted in people. He even predicts that taking such a drug may be as easy as swallowing a tablet. Ryazanov says there is a fine logic to the study and drug development which have become his life's work – because the cancer therapies he really wants to enhance are already and exist recognized to work. Making chemo and radiation less toxic, he says, could make those therapies dramatically more effective in the relatively near future, while other cutting-edge methods to cancer treatment might need far more period to prove their ultimate worth.

BG Medication, Merck collaborate in advancement of novel biomarker for lipid disorder management BG Medicine, Inc.

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