PHYLLIS: laugh But we have to kuvaus.

PHYLLIS: laugh But we have to, we have to laugh at this chance. We must. You know, it’s a great stress reliever for us kuvaus . Sometimes our loved ones are doing something so quirky that you simply can not help but laugh is. I try, this time with our loved ones, to try to make laughter laughter in our lives. It is important for us all.

Nationwide, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, food allergies between 4 % and 8 % of children toil. And although the CDC said it is still trying to understand why it seems that food allergies are on the rise. – ‘It really keeps them accountable to say what this threat this risk,’said Dr. David Fleischer, Assistant Professor of Pediatrics at National Jewish Medical and Research Center. ‘You have to, for 15, look 20 different words that mean milk. ‘ ‘The majority of families that I see who are relatively educated about food allergies, have difficulties with the identification system now,’said Dr. Wesley Burks, director of pediatric allergy and immunology at Duke University Medical Center.

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However, be reached successful findings of the transplantation and treating such important disorders like Parkinson ‘s disease, Alzheimer ‘s disease, Leukaemia, diabetes, stroke, muscular dystrophy, hepatic and renal failure, etc., optimal methods must be developed stem cell stem cells and whose attachment. The research and of the Research and production companies ‘antigen ‘under the leadership of Project Kaulambaeva Marzhan Zakanovna, head of the ‘Celluar cultures and the culture medium ‘division – Such problem is released successfully of scientists of Kazakhstan. Third research active support of the International Science and Technology Center. – The final goal of the project, creating a haematopoietic cell bank in the bone marrow without adult and the blood of neonatal ‘ umbilical cord being compiled A bank did a number of benefits over a banking umbilical cord blood of newborns and a bench out of possible bone marrow donors. ‘particular during cell cultivation the in vitro concentration of stem cell into the transplantant increased, so their biological value of,’says project and candidate for biological Kaulambaeva Marzhan Zakanovna. ‘Secondly, whereas stem cells cultivation decrease their antigenicity. Therefore increase the level of compatibility the donor stem cells and we are we avoid graft rejection by the organism, a common problem with to the BMT of an adult. Third, has a specimen of stem cell, it is possible to easily recover and subsequent cultivation of subsequent cultivation its reserve where a constantly ‘an updated material ‘necessary. Method of golden opportunity to sampling of cells that to collect from different ethnic minorities Kazakhstan, undoubtedly improved value of such a stem cell bank in case necessary, it will be possible cells of to provide in any country in in the world can equip each bone marrow transplant center of.

The project is consists of three basic steps. During the first stage We are collecting cord blood. It is common ground if the period from the time of birth of on the separation a newborn baby out of the placenta will not more 30 seconds which anthology of the blood being, for average, exceeding 25 – 40 ml in the later separation of. Which early separation of a child of the placenta has no negative influences for the newborn. Container of collecting blood are full using special preservatives and anticoagulants. The second stage involves checking specimen to sterile, into other words, the check on the presence of microorganisms or viruses. With the use to the different culture media and the polymeric chain reaction method Nr at the final stage cryoconservation of stem cell for extended storage. Designed While cryopreservation of optimal conditions of a long time extended storage stem cells be from bone marrow and the umbilical blood of neonates to the application of different concentrations of cryoprotectors.

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