Published in December in the Archives of General Psychiatry mens health issues.

The study, published in December in the Archives of General Psychiatry, was examined the brains of people with generalized anxiety disorder , or GAD, a psychiatric condition in which patients spend their days in a haze of worry over everyday concerns men’s health issues . Researchers have discovered that the amygdala, a pair of almond-sized bundle of nerve fibers in the middle of the brain that help process emotion, memory and fear, in anxiety disorders such as GAD are involved. But the Stanford study is the first, close enough to peer-to nerves and to identify subsections from this tiny brain region. Said. These little observations are the the brains of people with psychiatric disorders, said Duke University neuroscientist Kevin LaBar, who was not involved in the research. If we want to distinguish GAD from other anxiety disorders, we might have on these subregions instead of the general signal from this area, he said. It is methodologically really impressive. – To close enough to other one area of the amygdala from a Stanford psychiatry resident Amit Etkin get, and colleagues to identify concentrated on defined regions of interest by detailed anatomical studies of the human brain. They recruited 16 people with GAD and 17 psychologically healthy volunteers and scanned their brains using functional magnetic resonance imaging, the blood flow fluctuations caused by changes in activity in various regions of the brain measures. Each person spent eight minutes in the fMRI scanner, let her thoughts wander.

The research was funded by the National Institutes of Health and the resident research program of Veterans Affairs Palo Alto Health Care System. Co – authors of the paper are research assistant Katherine Keller Prater; Alan Schatzberg, Kenneth T. Professor and Chair of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences, and Vinod Menon, associate professor of psychiatry and behavioral sciences.

health issues

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