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Altering fatty acid amounts in diet may reduce prostate malignancy growth rate UCLA researchers discovered that altering the fatty acid ratio found in the typical Western diet to include more omega-3 essential fatty acids and decrease the amount of omega-6 fatty acids might reduce prostate tumor tumor growth rates and PSA levels silagra online here . Published in the Aug. 1 issue of the journal Clinical Cancer Research, this initial animal-model study is one of the first to show the impact of diet on lowering an inflammatory response recognized to promote prostate cancers tumor progression and could result in new treatment techniques. The omega-6 fatty acids within corn, safflower natural oils and red meats will be the predominant polyunsaturated essential fatty acids in the Western diet.


Mike Hartshorn, CSO of Dotmatics. .. AlzeCure deploys Vortex tool to build up novel therapies for Alzheimer’s disease Dotmatics' Vortex to be used to discover new drug lead compounds for Alzheimer's disease Dotmatics, a respected service provider of scientific informatics solutions and providers to the pharmaceutical and biotechnology sectors, announced today that the study foundation AlzeCure, has deployed and integrated the info visualization and analysis device Vortex. AlzeCure is normally a novel innovative drug discovery unit that may use Vortex to greatly help in the quest to find and develop novel therapies for the treating Alzheimer's disease and other neurodegenerative disorders. Vortex provides users with an out-of the-box filtering, charting, plotting and chemically conscious calculation engine, enabling scientists to judge large datasets in a rich thus, flexible and intuitive interface.

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