SomaLogic enter licensing agreement for photocleavable biotin reagent SomaLogic.

And AmberGen, Inc. Announced today that they have entered into a licensing contract whereby AmberGen will provide its proprietary photocleavable biotin reagent for the commercial use of SomaLogic‘s SOMAscanTM technology platform. The largest constraint on successful development of a high-throughput proteomic quantitation platform is achieving sufficient sensitivity. SomaLogic’s innovative SOMAmer protein-catch reagents and their multiplex SOMAscan technology break through this limitation. AmberGen is rolling out a range of novel molecules and compounds with photocleavable linkers, including a 5-prime photocleavable biotin, a light-activated biomolecule that it offers certified to SomaLogic.‘I am excited about the continuing future of my study and the potential to improve the lives of patients battling leukemias and various other cancers.’ Vakoc has been acknowledged with numerous additional honors, including the ‘A’ Award from Alex's Lemonade Stand, the V Scholar Grant from the V Basis for Cancer Study, the Forbeck Scholar Award, the Sass Foundation Fellowship, the Burroughs Wellcome Fund Career Award for Medical Scientists, and the Sass Base for Medical Study Fellow Award.

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