SPC5001 complements the portfolio of Santaris Pharma A / S drugs in development natural male enhancement.

SPC5001 complements the portfolio of Santaris Pharma A / S drugs in development, including the most advanced compound miravirsen, the International Nonproprietary Name or generic name for the compound formerly known as SPC3649 natural male enhancement .

Midterm elections: Opposition To Health Law growsThe Associated Press: A new Associated Press – GfK poll Americans is against health remake 50 % to 39 % of final before a divided Congress passed the bill and Obama signed it at a jubilant. White House ceremony last month, public opinion about about evenly. Further 10 % of Americans say they are neutral. Only 28 % of respondents said they understand the overhaul extremely or very well, and a large chunk of which, who do not understand Democrats hope to to remain neutral, the public opinion by paying attention to benefits to change this year seniors, families, working with children in transition and people from coverage because of a medical problem. Seniors off – reliable voters in midterm elections, the Congress races – was rather act against the Forty – nine % strongly against it compared to. 37 % of 64 and younger. The survey was conducted April 7-12 and has a margin of+ / – 4.3 %age points (Alonso – Zaldivar.

Technique, called Eye tests Measures claims out of Multiple Myeloma.

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Tekmira Pharmaceuticals Corporation a leading company in the RNA interference therapeutics, that an advertised of the Company pharmaceutical partners and, Alnylam, Inc. introduced preliminary data from from an ongoing Phase 1 clinical trial on ALN – SFPS. ALN – VSP use Tekmira who lipids nanoparticle technology and a systemically shipped RNAi product designed as new treatment of of advanced solid cancers by liver involvement. Tekmira ‘s President and CEO, said, ‘We are pleased to report that our partners Alnylam present ALN – VSP data at ASCO in These results represent a major milestone in the development of RNAi therapeutics to be able to utilize product, of our lipid nanoparticles. Technology. ALN will continue to produce medicine used to ALN – VSPs will Alnylam is and when ALN – SFPS advantage at advances of clinical development and marketing carried deserve a milestone payments as well as royalties on product sales. ‘.

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