Studies have shown that anthracyclines may slightly increase the risk of heart damage and leukemia.

Randomized clinical trials have shown that treatment of early breast cancer with anthracycline-based chemotherapy improves disease-free survival and overall survival rates more than non – anthracycline-based therapy. However, studies have shown that anthracyclines may slightly increase the risk of heart damage and leukemia. Given these side effects, the greatest benefit of this therapy in women with breast tumors may be that overexpress HER2 – a gene in tumors in tumors frequently anthracyclines.

Overall and in patients with HER2-positive tumors produced, anthracycline-based chemotherapy a greater reduction in the risk of relapse or death than non – anthracycline-based therapy. However, in patients with HER2-negative tumors, there was no difference in survival between the chemotherapy regimens. Observed, The lack of effect of anthracyclines in patients with HER2-negative disease suggests that this group of patients toxicity toxic effects associated with the use of this class of drugs are protected and raises questions about the adequacy of the control arms in randomized clinical anthracycline-based anthracycline-based in in selected groups of patients, the authors write..The route decide has four questions four questions: Is it important to me? Are thoughts emotions I am corresponding by? Would anyone mad if anyone told them they were dumb for believing telemarketing? The situation is modified? May I tell him not to me, that I’m stupid for the assumption Telephone marketing? And finally, it would be worth when needs of others needs of others and me to be regarded themselves to take action.

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