Sun and Hou think they can take advantage particle shape this important task this important task.

Getting tiny magnetic particles must be aligned to each other one of the greatest obstacles to squeezing more information density of the technology. Sun and Hou think they can take advantage particle shape this important task this important task. – ‘Many people think that mold can check the alignment,’said Sun, ‘but controlling shape was not so simple, this method gives us a really simple way, diameter and composition all set at the same time. ‘.

The technique, published in the journal Angewandte Chemie produces nanorods and nanowires from 20 nm to 200 nm long, simply by varying the ratio of used solvent and surfactant in the synthesis. Shouheng Sun, professor of chemistry at Brown University, postdoctoral researcher Yang Long Hou and colleagues have also demonstrated that the same technique to the shape of cobalt-platinum nanorods control, which suggests that for many other combinations work so well.The Liujiang skull the most comprehensive and well-preserved late Pleistocene human fossil discovered discovered in southern China.. Preserved the brain the morphology of the Gay Liujiang cranium Fossils.

People shape fossil are the most important materials for exploration human origins and evolution. As most of hominin fossils are incomplete, or filled with a heavily calcified matrix of, is ,, is often in an actual fossil endocast to reconstruct destructively. Accordingly, traditional methods of confined of the study the human brain evolution. CT may fossil at a non-invasive way explore by the conversion a true fossilized into a virtual object, and making it the study of the study of fossil record , paleoanthropologists from the outside in order the inside of. A recent study leading from Wu Xiujie by the Institute for Vertebrate Paleontology and Palaeoanthropology , Chinese Academy of Sciences, Volume 53, Issue16 says of the Chinese Science Bulletin.

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