That the disease is 3000 years older than previously believed.

000 year old skeletons Reveal earliest known human TBThe discovery of the earliest known cases of human tuberculosis in bones found submerged shows off the coast of Israel, that the disease is 3000 years older than previously believed. Direct examination of this ancient DNA confirms the latest theory that bovine TB develops later than human TB.

Founded in 1826, UCL was the first English university established after Oxford and Cambridge, the first students, regardless of race, religion or gender, and admit the first systematic offering. Teaching of law, architecture and medicine in the last government Research Assessment Exercise achieved UCL UCL departments top ratings of 5* and 5, what. On the quality of research of international excellence.While Hispanic Ethnicity participants significantly as the obese or overweight, and did had higher prevalence of the current smokers, they have a lower intensity of smoking than NHW women. There were no significant difference in the duration and age of onset smoking, or times been smoking to ex-smokers between the groups.

Over Lovelace Respiratory Research InstituteThe Lovelace Respiratory Research Institute is a private, biomedical research Organisation to improve public health due research on the prevention , treatment and cure of respiratory diseases. LRRI are based in Albuquerque, NM busy 80 Ph.D. Level scientists and is a $ 65,000 companies.

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