The bill now heads to the Senate (Capitol Media Services / Arizona Daily Star.

The bill now heads to the Senate (Capitol Media Services / Arizona Daily Star, Napolitano spokeswoman Jeanine L’Ecuyer would not say whether the Governor would sign the amended legislation, if approved in the Senate, the AP / KTAR reports (AP / KTAR.

The spectrum of fetal cardiopathies is very wide, from asymptomatic lesions incompatible with life to malformations requiring special training. In this sense, the knowledge of fetal heart disease process may change during labor, such as attending a reference center guarantees immediate specialized attention. STIC provides important information that can improve the accuracy of prenatal diagnosis of these diseases. In addition to facilitating the detection of more lesions, this system allows a refinement of the diagnosis and provides guidelines for early treatment.4 A multi – vitamin supplement , which was used for the study showed that the vitamin A, vitamin C and riboflavin all were reduces to least three hundred fifty-three days of storage. Vitamin D in the annex the course of time dropped was the longest item the study according to eight hundred and eighty days the space.

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