The comment is Dietary quality among Latinos: Is acculturation makes us sick medical journal?

The article is’Nutrient adequacy and diet quality in non – overweight and overweight Hispanic children of low socioeconomic status – the VIVA LA FAMILIA Study ‘by Theresa A. And Nancy F medical journal . The comment is ‘Dietary quality among Latinos: Is acculturation makes us sick? ‘Rafael P? rez – Escamilla, both in the Journal of the American Dietetic Association, Volume 109, Issue is published 6 by Elsevier.

The Deputy Chief Medical Officer for Wales, Dr Jane Wilkinson, added: ‘In addition to speed diagnosis and treatment, we increase awareness of measures to reduce the risk of developing cancer, such as a healthy lifestyle and diet, the roll outple to be in the sunshine, which may reduce the risk of the skin cancer makes sense. ‘The introduction of the smoking ban in enclosed public places, the human papilloma virus vaccine to improve the risk of cervical cancer and the roll-out of colorectal cancer screening to reduce and support our efforts to cancer is cancer. ‘ – Notes.

‘has that public organization ETHDB the rightful owner, Public Library, the majority to hold her voice hospitals open as a full-service emergency care conditioning by an emergency ward, ‘said Carole Roger, and ETHDB members. ‘Neither Alameda County Medical Center yet Sutter Health has the right a rental contract or mortgage without our consent, which they can not signing. Sutter and the county are desperate and on options and now trying a end – running and non bullying make their way of. ‘.

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