The gene called MEF2A.

The gene called MEF2A, a role in protecting the artery walls from building plaque impede blood flow impede blood flow and plays lead to heart attack, said Dr. Topol of the Cleveland Clinic, head of a team that discovered the gene.

‘This is the first heart attack gene,’said Topol. This gene mutation has is intended to have the disease. If you do not have this gene in this family, you seem to the the development of this disease. ‘.The India opposition groups in arguing patent in that Glaxo the Combivir being not a new invention but it is absolutely a combination of two existing drugs. They say Nevertheless of such a patent risk to anti-retroviral treatment for many people living with HIV / AIDS , which struggling further increasing the burden on the developing states even to treat patients. purpose access to AIDS drugs are keep an elusive goal, if not a steady supply drugs at affordable prices judgments from Indian patent offices with a matter of life or death for those with HIV / AIDS around the world, which can rely on.

As this study was do not addressed amounts of of drinking, Forsyth wrote that the readers was decide for themselves whether to cut cut or just wish large amounts of alcohol. Mulshine, other hand investigating the possibility of prudence. – These results indicate that to manage their managing their alcohol intake view more strictly with cancer cells, effects of alcohol consumption, he said.

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