The guidelines three phases: Emergency Preparedness.

The guidelines three phases: – Emergency Preparedness, before the emergency occurs, – The minimum response time during the worst phase of the emergency and necessary – necessary the comprehensive response, usually stabilized and during the early phase of the emergency recovery.

In the emergency response They also stress the importance of building on existing opportunities in which members of the community dealing with difficulties. – This inter – sectoral policies are of crucial importance for the protection and promotion of mental health and mental well-being in an emergency situation, said Ms. Johnson. But through it ‘s commitment to protecting the population from harm, effective law enforcement and supporting basic services, provision of adequate resources and commitment from all levels of society have to be adjusted, she added.. If protection and support communities in emergencies, most people have been shown to be remarkably resilient.– The free clinic is be held vandalized exactly five years after Hurricane Katrina and its aftermath in New Orleans, and many Gulf Coast, NAFC Executive Director Nicole Lamoureux said. Five years, when oil – related disaster threatens the basis of life number neighbors to find the ones that will still need some help free medical treatment here and additional land resources available to be associated with them. .. At this time when many people are are still suffering from the consequences of the oil crisis of in the Gulf of Mexico, will its to field the uninsured citizens are able receiving medical during an two-day free medical clinic New Orleans on Tuesday and Wednesday, September.

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