The main concerns are water-borne diseases

UNICEF is concerned that the floods have hit the poorest of the poor survive the least capable of the current tough conditions. The main concerns are water-borne diseases, acute respiratory infections, skin diseases and malnutrition, already dangerously high, affected in many flooded areas of Pakistan.

In a letter that was delivered to the FDA today requested medical technology developer Energex Systems, a Pre – Investigational Device Exemption meetings evaluating the safety and efficacy data that was submitted to the Agency of the company of the company ongoing research, discuss the hypothesis of the mechanism-of – action that they rely on to support an IDE for the primary and secondary displays, and understand the agency for such an application. In its letter , the company pointed to the fact painful. Previously run the company with the approval of provisional human resources in research on HIV and permits for preliminary research on human hepatitis C. It ‘during our during our Hepatitis C research that our a significant improvement a clear improvement skin condition, physical discomfort and quality-of-life of those who suffer from even moderate to severe psoriasis observed, ‘said Thomas R. Of the Director of Engineering and research at Energex.


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